Blueprint / Mock-up

Allow me to introduce you to a new service I just created and released to my new clients here in February: a unique INTERACTIVE MOBILE APP MOCK-UP.

Every day I meet with people just like you that already have a idea for a mobile app and you are excited to get started, but are not really sure on the next step to take! You need a little advice on ‘how to start’. So before you go out and blindly spend thousands of dollars developing an app that they ‘hope’ is going to be a winner, I want to make sure you have ‘everything you need to be successful’!

With this great new service, together we will go through all your ideas and features you have in mind, and from this I will create a live customized mock-up tailored to you! This will be a very accurate representation of how your app will work and function once completed. You will be able to fully test and run through the entire app, just as if it were real. Of course now that you can try out the entire app, you will be able to spot any little things you may have missed or improve sections that need more details or changes.

I guarantee this is going to save you weeks or even months of development time and most importantly it is going save you thousands of dollars!


A basic wireframe of all the pages and functions of the App you have in mind. The focus will be on layout & functionally using primitive or basic graphics as needed.

The goal is the have a visual representation of the whole app. This is a back and forth process which requires changes on our side and then feedback from the client. Through constant progression we will then have a complete wireframe of how you have envisioned your app.

Time & Cost Estimate

On average we complete most mockups within 15 hours. This is usually more than enough time for multiple feedback sessions and many changes. However obviously the more changes, and the more features or functionality that is added along the way may increase this.

The time it takes this to complete is highly dependent on the client. With clients that know exactly what they want, we can usually have a complete mock up done is as little as 10 days. With other clients that are not sure yet what they want, or many many changes, or take days to get back with feedback.. the process can take much longer, or even weeks.



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