Twoozy Surveys

TWOOZY is an IOS application that allows you to create unlimited surveys, unlimited codes and marketing pages inside TWOOZY to help you promote feedback from your guests, clients and customers. Looking for a new way to help you get more feedback and better productivity from your employees? Twoozy for your Iphone or iPad is here to help you achieve that goal.


* Able to create your own review straight from your IOS device
* Direct reporting feedback on guest experience
* Choice of multiple customized review questions
* Marketing potential at no charge from us . 2 FULL PAGES FOR YOUR ON MARKETING AND ADVERTISING ON US.
* Add tips and photos to your reviews to help manage your business.
* Have access to all of your loyal feedback guests reviews
* Twoozy assist all business clients to create and control the standards that they choose in matter of minutes.

Type: Survey
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Platforms: iPhone
Google Play: View / Download Here

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