Android versions market share


The most recent numbers as of September 2013 are in. With over 36% of users on Jelly Bean and 21% on Ice Cream Sandwich, you can see the move of the market over the past year. Most people are getting rid of their older devices and moving over to newer and more upgradeable devices. There is some new features in these newer versions, but the main thing you need to focus on it device hardware and your app performance. With the majority of the market in newer more powerful devices, we can push apps to do more and demand more from devices which still providing a very good user experience.

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8 Day Delay for Apple Apps @ iTunes Connect


Typical app approval process over at Apple iTunes Connect runs 4-5 business days most of the time. However recently I have seen a huge increase in the delay for app approvals. This could either be due to a increase amount of developers re-releasing their app to support iOS 6 or the new screen dimensions of the iPhone 5.

The current approval time frame is: 8 days!

Currently the iOS app approval process is very delayed, so expect and plan on the extra time it will take you to get approved.

I submitted app…

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$199 App


Would you like a free app for your business to get you started?

– benifits of app
Having a mobile app is going to let you access and gain a new market of customers that you have previously been missing out on.
Most smart phone users prefer to use mobile apps over mobile web versions, because it allows them to access the information quciky and instantly in a friendly format

Because mobile apps are booming right now, many customers are willing to download your app just to check it out. This way you are preparing them for future updates, and…

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