App Marketing

In-Store Marketing
If you are planning to or already have your app published in the store (Apple Store or Google Play), Apps Las Vegas can help you implement a proper placement strategy. By looking at your app, category, competition, and testing your app; we can advise you on the correct path to take. We will help you choose the “sweet spot” for pricing, features and in-app purchases. Through a properly researched balance of these, you can expect best exposure while achieving maximum revenue.

Web Marketing
If you only rely on the app stores to promote and market your app, then you are missing out on more than 80% of your potential earnings! Apps Las Vegas can help you expose your app across the proper web channels, which will get your app out in front of a larger consumer base. Through the right combination of blogs, video, reviews, promotions, and other targeted media outlets; we will bring your app to the masses and drastically increase the number of customers to your app.

Social Marketing
This is not your everyday facebook “posting” and twitter “tweeting” marketing. For the mobile crowd, we will keep you a step ahead of them at all times, and make sure your app is always in front of them when they are on the move. These are your key early adopters and can greatly affect the initial growth of your app.

Direct Sales
Most clients with apps, are shocked to find out that there is multiple other different avenues for them to create instant sales from. We will place your app into niche market segments that will generate instant download and sales. This is a very cost effective method, because you can easily cross compare your budget against the ROI and see the difference!

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