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Finding (and identifying) reliable developers who perform quality work, and are ready to start work on your Game Maker Studio project NOW are the biggest hurdles you will face. By working with our experienced team who has great understanding of the GMS platform, your project is going to be completed with an unmatched level of quality and professionalism.

Why Apps Las Vegas, and not a Freelance Developer? It’s simple-experience and reliability. Let’s do a quick side by side comparison, and the choice is easy!
,AppsLV Team,Freelance Developers

Experience,ver 15+ years Game Maker experience,Mostly new to GMS and inexperienced takes extra time for them to learn things for your app.

Published,Published apps already in the Apple & Google stores,Minimal or no experience publishing apps delays your apps launch and success as they run into problems

Knowledge,Understands the limitations and capabilities of GMS; alerting you and allowing you to avoid potential problems,No reliability (eg. part time medical students)

Project Management,Extensive management system to keep your project on track,
Time Zone, Available Monday~Friday 9am to 5pm & located in North America that are available on your time! , Mostly overseas on a 12 hour time difference makes it impossible to be productive and agile ,

New Projects

Bring your game idea to life! Call Apps Las Vegas and we will guide you each step of the way, making the process as easy and as simple as possible. We start with a quick chat to get an idea of the game you are looking to build, and from there we will conduct research to confirm if that idea exists or not. Once that is established, we will give you complete direction on how to proceed. From the development of your idea to making it public, Apps Las Vegas will not miss a beat!

Update Apps

Stay ahead of the game! Apps Las Vegas can take your existing GM Game and update it to the newest GMS version. When we do this, we add all new features and all the benefits of the newest system! We make sure that the transition is seamless, merging your old version into the new one, while maintaining the structure and features of your game.

Project Transfer
An Apps Las Vegas specialty! Have you started a project with a developer, only to find you are not satisfied with the “finished” project? Or, are you in the middle of a project and have realized it’s time to go in another direction, with a new developer? Have no fear! Apps Las Vegas is here! You don’t have to start from scratch! We have extensive experience in stepping into an unsatisfactory project, and creating an app that you will be satisfied with from start to finish. Our extensive management system will make the entire process simple and carefree for you.

200px-1-Up_Mushroom_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_3D_WorldExequiel S. – Game Maker Elite
Over 9 years of experience developing games. In the past, he has enjoyed creating mobile apps as well as some desktop applications, however his passion lies in games. He is a co-founder of a popular Spanish game developer community and likes to help others along the way. In his free time, he enjoys creating his own small independent games.

200px-1-Up_Mushroom_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_3D_WorldManuel E. – Game Maker Elite
Over 8 years of hands-on experience with game development. His main focus is on mobile games & applications, with a strong understanding of back-end support. In his free time he works on independent projects, and also enjoys participating in rapid game development competitions and jams that put his development skills to the test.

  • Five in a row is a fun online multiplayer adaptation from the classic strategy game, also known as “Gomoku”, “Gobang”, “Renju”, among other similar variations.

    The objective is simple; just try to make straight lines of 5 or more consecutive icons, diagonally, vertically or horizontally while blocking your opponent from doing so. The player who scores the most wins!

    Five in a row
  • Help this boy on his quest for love! help him find his heart and true love on this amazing little game inspired in old-school retro arcade games.Pieces of my Heart is a lovely experience, Make sure you complete the game in order to understand the story!

    You can play for fun or compete against other player around the world trough our online leader boards.

    Pieces of my Heart
  • Earth Defenders HD is an Arcade shooter game with Tower Defense elements, based on a 360º Earth representation and Space Invaders-esque, remastered from its original mini-game version into an epic full-fledged HD Arcade mobile game, Prepare yourself to defend the entire solar system from the alien invaders!

    Earth Defenders HD
  • Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon Baccarat is a mobile entertainment app, the definitive mobile expert app for the world’s biggest game, developed by Baccarat experts for Baccarat enthusiasts the world over. The famous Baccarat solution of the Zuan Xin group is integrated into the app as well as the Chinese themes and metaphors used to bring that famous solution to life and make it easy to understand.

    Baccarat Solved – Casino App

Do I need a NDA? Many clients come to me with ideas about apps they want to create, and most are worried about protecting their idea. And more often than not, the term NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) comes up. It's usually the first and usually default step someone takes to make them feel more secure. There was a great article written about NDA's by Dan Shapiro a few years back, I really suggest you read the whole article 

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