Small Business App


Over 110 Million Americans have Smart Phones! Are you mobile?
Have your own mobile app! Perfect for every small businesses.

Mobile is now Affordable!
Building a customized mobile app can take weeks to plan and develop and become costly due to the advanced features you may want to build in. However by going with a turnkey app, you can have a affordable app without the delay or cost. You know exactly what you are purchasing, and can have it ready in no time

Branding & Real-estate:
We all know location is the most important part of business. And by having your own app, you can now lockup your own spot on smart phone users screen. Finally you will have constant branding and recognition, by having your app right in front of your customers all day long! Create brand recognition with your company logo on their home screen.


Published in Apple Store:
We will  published your app into the Apple store for you! So everyone can easily find and download your app. Usually to publish your own app in Apple under your company name, you need to purchase a “Apple Developer Account” which costs $99/year. Also many times apps are rejected from Apple and it takes on average 3 submissions for Apple to approve your app. By having us publish your app, it will show up as published “by Apps Las Vegas” but you will save the $99 Apple fee and we guarantee it will be approved!

Works on iPhones (3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5) and iPads (1, 2, 3):
 The app will be available on any iPhone, iPad or iPod device through the iTunes store.

Time Frame:
One we receive all your information and photos for the app from you, then  we will build the app and submit it to apple. On average it takes us 24 hours to build your app and submit it, then it will take on average 4 business days for apple to approve it. (view current apple approval timeframe).


For an additional fee, any part of the app can be fully customized and changed in any way you wish.

Updates & Changes:
For an additional fee, the app can be updated and changed any time you wish..

100% Personalized

Main Page:
This page contains your company logo at the top, and then some information about your store. You can write as much information here, as the page will just scroll down as far as you need.

Contact Page:
Here is where all your contact information goes. You can have your address, phone number, fax, email address, twitter link, facebook link and website link.

The website, facebook, twitter will open the browser when someone touches those links. The email will open a new email when they click that. And by touching your phone number, it will begin to phone your store. Everything helps them get and contact you quicker!

This shows a static map to your store. And when they click the map, it will auto load the map program so they can easily map directions to your store.

This shows the daily hours of your store. So you can set specific hours by the day. Also you can set a message below the hours, which you can use for special holidays or additional information about your store.

Menu Categories/ Services Cats.: (eg: Menu)
This page is very flexible. A restaurant can use it for their menu, and sections of their menu. A tanning salon can use it to show the services they offer ( eg. tanning levels) and also their lotions they sell. A print shop could list out their services, and break it down into flyers, business cards, signs, and have service details listings inside of each one.

(We can label this menu as “Food”, “Services”, “Products” or anything you wish)

Sub-Menu / Sub-Services: (eg: Lunch)

Here you can write a message at the top, as long or as short as you want. A simple description or more information about this category of products or services. Then below there is a listing of your products/services with prices and a description. The description, and prices are optional and you do not have to provide them if you do not wish. Restaurants like to put prices, but printing shops dont like to put prices.


Here you can have as many photos as you wish. A great way to showcase your store front, inside your shop, products or services. It shows 9 thumbnails per page and will scroll down to show all your photos.

Large Photos:

When someone clicks the thumbnail, they will be taken to the large version of the photo to see more detail. From here they can swipe left and right to go through all the photos.

This is a great page to have regular specials. You can show the start and end date of these specials. A great way to run limited time specials or specific products or services.

If you have any positive reviews from yelp, facebook, magazines, this is the page to put them on. A great way to build the positive image of your company.

This is just a simple page where you can place some copy write information or basic information information bout your app. The bottom portion of the page with the Apps Las Vegas text is fixed, not editable and not removable.


Business Contact

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Phone: 702.518.2010
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