Tradeshow & Event App

Tradeshow & Event App

  • User Registration

The whole app is built and designed to create a database of contacts and leads, and build trackable data from their interaction at your trade show. Everyone must register, so you have a new fresh mail list and as they use the app it gathers information about booths they visit and personal thoughts on that booth.

 Admin Panel

The admin panel lets you see all of the user data. Full names, email, address, as well as all of their personal notes and favorites. You can see which user favorited which booths as well as which booths they added notes on.

  • Event Info

A small dashboard to view the event overview. It has the event logo and information at the top, and the most used setions right at the top.
Schedule – Timeline style list of events by time & date
Speakers – List with name and photo that links to bio page

 Admin Panel

Fully manage the whole schedule of events for your whole trade show. Plan out registration, parking, badge pickup, information sessions, and anything else that will make your even go smoothly.

  • Floor Plan

The whole map can be zoomed in, so people can easily read detail and quickly find any booths they are looking for.

  • News

Keep attendees up to date with news posts and pertinent information.

Each news story has a title and description, photo/images but you also can attach videos to each story. Easily link to any youtube video to be included in the story.

 Admin Panel

New stories can be added as they happen. Quickly add or modify any existing stories, to keep attendees and even exhibitors up to date. This keeps your attendees in contact with your app longer, and make it more likely that they will use it more and give you more information to work with.

  • Checklist

Simple checklist style, helps attendees keep track of all the small details they need to take care of. This is the best way to initiate contact with attendees weeks before they even attend your show.

 Admin Panel

You can modify the checklist at anytime, quickly adding things that come up or removing redundant items if needed. Also you can have independent checklists for attendees and exhibitors.

  • Exhibitors

Directory searchable by name or booth number with detailed profile page

Notes – add notes on any exhibitor to read later
Favorites – Tag s exhibitor as a favorite to view later

 Admin Panel

This is the most important and robust area of the whole app. It allows you to manage absolutely every aspect of every exhibitor..including contact info, logo, multiple different promo videos, booth #, and more!

  • Keynotes & Events

List with detailed info on every speaker, sorted by date and time.

  • FAQ’s

Answer common questions and problems with the FAQ.

Users can submit a question directly in the app, and you can answer it and make it public from within the admin panel.

 Admin Panel

  • Alerts

These are similar to news, but shorter and more urgent. Great for promos’s and giveaways at specific booths on short notice.

 Admin Panel

  • Sponsors

Details of every sponsor and their sponsorship level

 Admin Panel

  • Feedback

Users can provide up to date feedback for you to keep an eye out for. Some shows have had feedback on problem locations, dirty floors, and general positive feedback on the location and other services. Most people want to provide feedback at the moment it happens, and are less likely to provide detailed feedback or any at all the longer they wait.

 Admin Panel
All feedback comes in and shows who submitted it and when. Allowing you to follow up or make any changes as needed.

    • We have a ton of new features in the works, that will be out shortly this year. Currently these features are ‘greyed’ out in the app.
    • Currently on the Apple iPad only

    • Contact us today, to get more information and learn how easy the process is! Use the contact form on the right side of this page.

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